Millennial Insights

Millenial Insights

What Matters To Us is a series of millennial insights exploring the evolution of students and youth culture in Britain today.

We wanted to find out what is really important to students and what they are most passionate about so we asked them what they really care about. What we heard back gives incredible insights into the hearts and minds of these amazing young people.

Amongst our ten topics, we asked students how they felt about brand authenticity, ethical business practices and their current social media usage.

We wanted to explore how important social causes are to them, and how many are involved in activism or passionate about fighting social injustices. And we were overawed and inspired by their responses.

What do students think about the world’s seemingly endless desire for perfectionism, even knowing how ‘filtered’ it really is, especially via social channels? Are they happy with things to continue as they are, or are they looking for a more realistic lens when it comes to beauty?

How do students think and feel about the current state of our planet, and what do they think can and should be done to improve it? Who do they think should be doing it?

To do this we worked with YouthSight – a research agency that specialises in young people – to run a quant study of over 1000 university students across the UK. After this, we wanted to hear it from the horse’s mouth, so we carried out some qualitative research in the form of autoethnography videos to bring our findings to life and understand a bit more of the nuance of the research.

CLICK HERE to unlock our collection of the ten top millennial insights we have found in British student culture. We learnt so much from speaking to our student audience, and are in awe of their maturity and social consciousness. We hope you enjoy reading it as much as we enjoyed putting it together.