What is Cultivating Community?

8 communities, 1 collective project

For ‘Cultivating Community | A What Matters To Us Project’, we collaborated with for-youth-by-youth communities and cultural visionaries to give us their P.O.V. We explore how community is shaping the next gen by handing the mic to the inspiring young people creating and leading their own collectives. By approaching this year as a co-created project rather than an outsider’s analysis, we achieved an intimate and profound understanding of what’s driving change in communities, who’s leading the way and how they are making a difference in culture.

We found eight collectives from across the UK, covering a range of passions and purposes, from nunchuck-wielding warriors and global gaming collectives, through to mental health advocates and a radically trans inclusive football team, and shared the challenges they face and the legacy they hope to leave behind in a limited edition zine and short film.

Watch the trailer below.

What Matters To Us.

What Matters to Us is our proprietary insight and audience-first platform, built for our hyper-engaged community to share their thoughts, views and opinions, ensuring that we have “of-the-moment” perspectives to form and craft our campaigns as they’re taking shape rather than as an afterthought.

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