When it comes to festivals, it's time to microdose

Author: Ed Lloyd, Creative Strategist at Seed Marketing

Microfestivals are weathering the storm of a rapidly shifting music culture by going niche – and are enjoying a boom in interest among young audiences.

Mega festivals are suffering an identity crisis. Coachella is “in its flop era”. The average age of Glastonbury headliners is 45 and an “elevated experience” at EDC comes in at $1,199.99 (+ fees). From programming to price hikes, festival giants are experiencing growing pains. But what’s a growing pain for them, is a death sentence for the middle ground. Medium-sized festivals that can’t match the giants’ hype or breadth of line-up are dying. In the UK alone, 36 festivals either folded or postponed last year.

Go big or go home? Fortunately, a third option is picking up momentum among music lovers – go niche.

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