Isabella Fernandes looks at brands that kicked off on TikTok and how they did it

Author: Isabella Fernandes, Account Manager at Seed Marketing

Whether you like it or not (and that will probably depend very much on which side of 30 you find yourself) TikTok has been moulding consumer behaviour in its own impatient image for years now but for a lot of brands who saw the way the tide was turning, they’ve managed to ride it all the way to the bank.

For many small businesses, the short-form video platform became a veritable playground to help them showcase their creativity and engage audiences while riding the endless waves of viral trends.

The final two examples come courtesy of Isabella Fernandes, Account Manager @ Seed.

9. Peachy Bbies Slime

A confessed influencer wannabe who “always wanted to be a full-time content creator” noticed an uptick of slime videos gaining traction on the platform so tried out some “test-and-learn videos” on YouTube and kicked off a slime business from the back of it.

Once this slowed, they refocused with the ability to make shorter videos native to TikTok, minimising their creator time investment and tapping into a new breed of audiences eager to buy into slime with sell-out product drops.

10. P. Louise Cosmetics

The makeup and beauty brand went all-in TikTok Shop and Ads, strategically focusing on scaling orders and boosting ROI with 126K orders and 110M product views in just 3 months. They’re ramping up traffic to generate conversions with clear sales goals through the TikTok Shop.

Unusually their flipping the narrative of “Make TikTok’s not Ads”, and their content is inherently sales driven. They’re donning wigs, set against pink backdrops and shilling products in a 2024 version of the shopping channel.

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