Author: Seed Team

BECOMING A STUDENT LOVED BRAND: How to drive affinity and loyalty within the student audience

In 2021 we hosted The Playbook Series - a fast paced insight series on how to success with a Gen Z audience.

For brands wanting to tap into the £12 billion spending power of the UK student audience, becoming a student-approved brand is essential. The session covered

  • From Spotify to Depop, we will show you how the best brands in the world have become synonymous with students and how you can do the same
  • We will help you to understand the student mindset at every stage of their university journey
  • What they want from your brand and where you can find them
  • Exactly what you need to do to transform this next generation into loyal brand fan

We’ve pulled out the 3 key takeouts from the session below - click here to watch the session and the full Playbook Series.


Understanding the cultural truths of your audience, where your brand fits in and then building your plans to drive brand love on these foundations to ensure you truly drive affinity & avoid missing the mark.

Not only will this allow you to ensure you’re creating campaigns that will resonate but you will also identify opportunities you may not have considered within the student audience.


Students are craving real life experiences where they can connect with their peers and make up for lost time

As a brand, you can play a key role in this this next academic year creating memorable moments that will elevate the student experience and become famous amongst the student audience for years to come.


Reciprocity – is learned human behaviour, a psychological principle,and a social construct and one that we can tap into when driving brand affinity

Reward your audience with an experience or an offer without asking for anything in return and they’ll more than likely be compelled to become a loyal brand fan as a result.

Reach out to at us to find out why student brand ambassadors might be the right choice for your next campaign.