We're Here


Challenge + Idea

Budweiser has always played an aspirational role in youth culture. With changing youth attitudes towards alcohol and America, we wanted to lead with the ‘lighter’ side of Bud.

Taking inspiration from the US tradition of tailgate parties, Seed created ‘We’re Here’ tour, bringing the aspirational, fun and playful spirit of Bud Light to life. Whilst sampling their first taste of ice cold Bud Light, new friends were invited by the team to join in with classic tailgate games such as Cornhole and Hoops Shootout.

To top off the party vibe, the fully branded Bud Light pickup trucks were pimped out with chillers in the trunk and sound systems to kick out the jams.

Mobile, loud and full of the Bud Light American dream, our Bud Light team painted the town blue across the UK, ensuring mass launch awareness and trial.


The experience was intrinsically sharable with a series of insta installations which our audience wanted to share.

Working with the Bud Light social team to daily drive footfall to the tour.

A perfectly designed tour route including The Truman Brewery in London, to reach a high density of our target audience.