UK Launch


Challenge + Idea

We teamed up with Vodafone's brand new youth sub-brand Voxi in order to gain awareness and relevance among a youth adult audience.

Gen Z choose mobile networks largely based on data, with price and quantity important due largely to social media activity. Our task was to engage young adults around VOXI’s Endless Possibilities positioning – a platform showcasing their endless social data offer.

We created a network of 25 VOXI SBA’s and 150 VOXI VIP’s to promote the new network and activity.

In the first term we created a Pick Me Up Truck- a travelling emoji-fuelled coffee shop offering Freshers a free boost and a social media moment, served in specially-designed cups integrating VOXI SIM cards.

Focusing our campaign online for term two, we launched VOXI Shorts, a digital video competition challenging and inspiring students to create and share their take on Endless Possibilities. We built a digital hub housing the content and boosted views and engagement through an influencer fuelled voting mechanic.

Prizes included creative bursaries of up to £5,000 and a day to create with one of our ‘VOXI’s 60’ creators.


Our ongoing activity was supported and promoted through a network of specially selected ambassadors and influencers promoting the programme and service both on the ground and through their social channels.

Our influential network helped ensure that all activations were well known and well attended both online and IRL.

Seed were re-engaged to make the experience bigger and better in 2018!