LEVIS® 501s 150th Birthday



To celebrate the 150th birthday of the 501 jeans whilst increasing their brand awareness and familiarity amongst the Gen Z audience.


Globally Levis® is a brand known for their amazing quality denim, and is considered a necessity when investing in a good pair of jeans. The overarching aim for this campaign was to reinforce the pre-existing idea, that Levi’s® are an investment you splurge on once that will last a lifetime.


After months of online gameplay, we whittled millions of players down to the final 10 who were flown to London to compete for the ultimate prize.

Players were treated like royalty with a curated experience from a welcome party upon touchdown at the airport, a bespoke tour of London’s iconic sites, before stepping onto the stage to compete for the biggest prize in casual mobile gaming.

With the King office as the branded backdrop for the event, we transformed the space into the ultimate gaming arena for players and spectators alike. Personalised touchpoints for the players made their experience extra special whilst themed designs throughout helped guide people through the experience.

Each area was carefully considered from the entrance to the player suites. Bespoke on-brand catering provided throughout and playful gaming elements such as the candy claw grabber allowed spectators the opportunity to enjoy some of their own playtime.

A curated music and lighting display dictated the flow of the competition creating an eclectic atmosphere for all those in attendance.

With our commentators on hand, and all gameplay being streamed to screens throughout the arena, we ensured spectators didn't miss a moment.