Create at Home


Challenge + Idea

Students are normally hyper social and self expressive; however, the C-19 lockdown had had a major impact on these behaviours. Our research showed us that students were struggling to maintain good mental health in these uncertain times.

Together with Converse, we needed to find a way to inject joy back into students lives, giving them the tools for self-expression, while also re-connecting them with their community.

The #CreateAtHome campaign was born. A nationwide competition that saw students create their very own bespoke design for a pair of Chucks.

Those taking part then uploaded their creation to social media & nominated 3 friends, creating a viral loop which fueled the enthusiasm for the campaign and helped students help their mates take a welcome break from lockdown stresses.


We carefully selected and trained a talented team of 10 micro-influencers from a range of creative backgrounds, including illustration, fashion design & architecture to help amplify the campaign.

These influential students became central to the campaign's success. Showcasing their own high-quality designs to their formative network and driving high engagement among their peers they also shared the best entries from their online communities, keeping the campaign alive longer and inspiring more people to take part.