Adobe | All Year Round


Challenge + Idea

Even though, the Adobe brand is well known amongst students, there still are perceptions of high entry barriers and intimidation of the Adobe products. However, providing a personalised experience for students can give them the chance to try out the software and explore all of its possibilities.

Unite student’s creativity with Adobe’s design potential through a series of experiential tours. By offering hands-on product usage through Adobe Express to provide an approachable access point to kick start their pathway with Adobe Creative Cloud products.


We launched nationwide campus tours linking desirable giveaways with an Adobe personalisation station. Each activation was enhanced with a bespoke branded build, while digital literacy was at the forefront of the brand messaging, ultimately providing IRL experiences to help students unlock the possibilities of Adobe’s products.

Heading into term three the student mindset is exam focused, so we toured an iced coffee bar giving students an instant sweet treat in their new reusable cups wrapped in their very own designs. While at our post-freshers tour we gave away personalised totes: a student must-have seen all over campus. Perfect for carrying study essentials, your gym kit or pre-drinks.

The opportunity to get creativity flowing, educated attendees on just how easy it is to use Adobe products. Building on the momentum of tactile product usage at the activation, students were then retargeted to further showcase what Adobe can do.

University events had a multi-channel pre-promotion phase both digitally & physically to drive footfall to the heart of our campus events. Wanting to reach our “extended core” of students, we build a 3 week Instagram and TikTok nano-influencer campaign. Ultimately not only driving footfall and awareness of the brand, but linking to wider product messaging.

Iced Coffee Tour

Adobe Tote Tour